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Australian Made

Our heritage is the heart of our identity at Smith’s Chips Australia. Since 1931, almost every type of Smith’s snack has been manufactured in factories on Australian soil. We even source most of our potatoes locally from the best growers across Australia. 

Plant a minituber

Our growers plant a minituber that has been specially selected for "The Original and the Best" potato chips


Pick and check fresh potatoes

At the perfect moment, our growers pick and double check each and every spud. Only the very best potatoes make it all the way to Smith’s.


To the Smith’s chips factory

Over 110,000 tonnes of the freshest potatoes arrive at our Australian manufacturing plants in specially made trucks every year. That’s about 3,000 truckloads of spuds!

Australian Made_Local Maunfacturing

Prepare the best potatoes

Our state-of-the-art potato processing machinery meticulously wash, sort, peel and slice each potato.

Australian Made_Prepare Potatoes

Cook to perfection

The potato slices cook in hot sunflower and canola oil until they reach that legendary Smith’s crispness.


Add flavour

Finally, we season our potato chips with a sprinkle of Smith’s magic flavour! 


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