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Frequently asked questions

The level of salt (also known as sodium) in a packet of Smith’s chips varies. The total amount of salt depends on the raw materials and what seasonings are used. For example, Salt & Vinegar flavoured chips often contain higher amounts of salt than other flavours.

Smiths chips are formulated with taste and health in mind.

The sodium levels in our chips are carefully controlled, and are in line with the sodium reduction targets from the Australian Government Food & Health Dialogue.

Smith’s Smith's Crinkle Cut and Smith's Thinly Cut are gluten free, however some of our other flavours and ranges, like our popular Poppables and Oven-Baked range are seasoned with ingredients that contain gluten.

We regularly review our recipes, so please call our freecall number 1800 025 789 to find out which of our other products are gluten free.  

The entire Smith's potato chip range is proudly Australian made and cooked in canola and sunflower oil.

No. Smith's chips only contain ingredients that are certified as non-GMO. In honour of our heritage and reputation, we also make sure that our suppliers are maintaining their compliance to these specifications on a regular basis.